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We offer the integration of many different features for our web templates such as wix store, wix bookings, chat, blog or wix events, a leading management platform for tickets & RSVPs. All adjusted to match your design. Why? We want to create website templates that suit your individual needs.


Please note: In some cases there are additional fees for the features/apps charged by wix on a monthly or yearly basis. These fees are not included in our offer. The prices below are for integration and design adjustments only. Feel free to get in touch  anytime if you have questions. 

  • Wix events is an industry-leading event management platform to sell tickets and collect RSVPs. You can send invites, see who is coming and manage guest lists. Great for meetups, conferences, concerts, sports events, parties, weddings and more. Please note: Wix charges a 2.5% service fee on ticket sales. To sell event tickets (excluding free tickets), your site must have a Business Premium Plan from wix. Check out wix for more info on picing, click here to find out more about the app.

    Price for installation: € 140,00